Strip Decoiler DVM 5

Strip Decoiler DVM 5

Devanadora de Fleje DVM 5

Strip Decoiler DVM 5

Features of Strip Decoiler DVM 5

  • Made of high-resistance electro-welded sheet metal.
  • The Decoiler with expandable mandrel system, being adjustable to the inner diameter of the coil.
  • The expansion is by means of a spindle.
  • 8 adjustable side coil containers to be able to center the coil at the center of the Decoiler.
  • High strength solid shaft.
  • The shaft rotates on large diameter ball bearings.
  • Loop control is carried out by means of an electronic sensor, which gives the order to stop rotation.
  • Reel start-up is controlled by a timer.
  • Rotation of the shaft is transmitted by a motor-reducer with torque limiter.
  • The rear coil containers are adjustable, in order to center the strip, without having to move the machine.
  • Available in version without motor and double head.
  • CE regulations with protection rings
  • Optionally they can be equipped with Manual and Automatic Speed ​​variator and Pressing Arm

Our Technical-Commercial department is available to make a perfect configuration to the customer’s needs.

We have our own SAT department to carry out the necessary revisions and updates if the client requires them.

By phone, at the client’s company or at our facilities in Polinya, Barcelona.

As well as the supply of any spare parts.

Diameter max/min. outside of Coil 1.450/1.200 mm.
Diameter max/min. inside of Coil 630/400 mm.
Strip width 400/550* mm.
Height from the ground to the center of the axis 880 mm.
Speed 20 rpm
Maximum coil Weight 1.000 Kgs.
Geared motor power 0’75 HP
Weight 430 Kgs
* Without side coil containers.
  • PDI, Loop control by inductive sensor for ferric materials.
  • PDI, Loop control by Photoelectric sensor for non ferric materials.
  • Speed Manual inverter VVM
  • Speed Automatic inverter VVA
  • Press Arm
  • CE Rings

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